The 10 Priorities You Need on Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Ensure you photo is current and professional. Avoid excessive touch-ups. When you meet your contacts in the real world, you want them to actually recognise you.
  2. Add your pronouns so everyone knows how to address you. This is a relatively new addition to Linked In so if nothing else it shows you are up to date.
  3. As a business owner your headline can be more than just your job title. You can mention how you help your target market to really appeal to your audience at a glance. If you do go with a job title, be creative and appealing – as the boss you can call yourself anything you want!
  4. Ensure your “About” section has a sales focus (without being too salesy) with plenty of text in this section – remember you are selling yourself as an expert and selling your business services, not your experience like a job applicant.
  5. Review what is set to public (it all should be for business purposes).
  6. Add current posts – like most social media, include a mix of images, videos, long form text and offers.
  7. Remember when posting, your target market may need more information. Long form posts are good. A good trick is to write it and then say to yourself, “So what?” (as if you were the reader) and then add more text to answer that. Then ask it again and answer that. It’s about articulating why it is imperative/important/relevant/current for your reader.
  8. If you have sales navigator, drill down on your target market and create lead lists that you can reach out to.
  9. Ask your network for recommendations and endorsements. This is your “social proof”.
  10. Like all social media, more time spent on it can bring about leads. Networking in groups, posting an offer occasionally helps. If you don’t offer, no one will take up the offer! (Tip: it doesn’t have to be a discount offer, just any offer with an enticing package, price or time limit included.)

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