I started this post because I couldn’t think of anything to blog about. Pathetic really, but all too common. Have you ever started a blog only to find that you leave it dormant for weeks on end? Possibly even months? I have been guilty of this.

Sporadic blogging isn’t ideal. Best practice is at least once a week. Yes, that’s right “once a week”! So to make this happen, you certainly can’t afford to get bloggers block.
Here are a few ideas on how you might avoid bloggers block:

  1. Re-post others content – news articles are perfect for this. Grab a couple of related links to something topical and timely. Add a few words such as a personal opinion or anecdote and post the links.
  2. Re-purpose your own content – perhaps you wrote something insightful that resulted in great feedback or if you have a business blog, maybe you generated leads after a particular blog post. If some time has lapsed, perhaps you could review, revise and repost it!
  3. Set aside time for blogging. This is obvious, but if you don’t set aside time, you will find you start missing posts. If you find it hard to set aside time every week, set aside time once a month to write four posts.
  4. Break up meaty topics into a series of posts – if you find yourself writing pages of valuable content on one topic look for natural breaks and post the article as a series of three or more. Ideally you have written the whole lot in one session which means you are set up for a few weeks at least. From your readers’ perspective, they are more likely to come back if they have read just one instalment in a series.
  5. Share a link to an event or a business that supplements (not competes with) yours. For example if you are in the technology space, let your readers know about an upcoming conference. If you sell clothing, share a link to a gorgeous range of shoes or accessories.
  6. Don’t get hung up on word count. A few hundred words posted regularly is better than a few thousand words once every three months. It is regularity and relevance, not verbosity that counts.

Well that’s enough from me today. I need to start putting these strategies into practice. See you next week… I promise!