Blue Platypus has new owners!

Hi there, Jeremy and Chris Thompson here. We’re super excited to announce the acquisition of Blue Platypus!

We’re thrilled to become the new owners and continue delivering amazing services to you!

Naturally, you’re probably wondering how this affects you and your business (rightly so!).

Don’t worry, we’re working closely with Tanya, and the rest of the team (who we get on very well with) to ensure things continue as usual.

Tanya is working on all current projects with us and will continue to support everything in the background for some time to come. In this respect, nothing has changed and all of your services will continue as usual.

You also might be excited to hear – we’ll be delivering some amazing new services on top of what we already offer – to help your business keep on growing.

With a strong background in design, marketing, and IT from both of us, we’re confident we can help your business flourish with a range of additional services.

We’ll let you know more in the coming week and months – as we roll these services out – but this will include:

  • Social media strategy and marketing – to scale your brand socially and get more reach.
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising – get access to a pool of 2 billion more customers.
  • Automated sales systems – turn your website into a selling machine.
  • Video and webinar marketing – more engagement, more leads, more sales.
  • Email and SMS marketing – build more high-quality relationships and close more sales.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – get better results from your advertising, website & marketing.
  • Innovative HR solutions – to help you grow your talent, culture and hire faster.
  • And more…

We’ll be in touch with you via the email newsletter as we put the finishing touches on these additional services and begin offer them more broadly.

What else do you need to know?

  • At the moment (as you can imagine) things are flat-out. Thanks for your patience with any queries as we get through this busy period.
  • Your services will continue to run smoothly, and Blue Platypus is going from strength to strength!
  • We aim to invest heavily in staff, quality of services, and adding select services that will help you grow your businesses!

We’ll be in touch soon via the email newsletter, but feel free to get in touch and with any questions or just to say “Hi!”

(As you can imagine, we may be a little slow in responding to you due to volume, but we’re here to help where we can)

Talk Soon,

Jeremy Thompson                          Chris Thompson

Contact number: 0449 864 271 (Chris)

(P.S. Got any suggestions on how to improve things, drop us a line!)