As technology changes, websites often stop working the way they were designed. As a website owner, it is wise to view your site regularly, on as many devices as possible (office PC, laptop, home PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad) and in as many browsers as possible to ensure it is still working correctly.

All websites need software updates from time to time as technology changes. Here are three good reasons to upgrade your website:

  1. Browser compatibility – With uptake of Internet Explorer 9 on the rise, it is timely to take a good look at your website. Yes, your website could appear broken to users of Internet Explorer 9. To check, download Internet Explorer 9 (it’s free) and take a good look at your website. If you notice something has changed, is poorly aligned or isn’t working as it should, it could be time to upgrade.
  2. Flash – We recommend removing all Flash from your website with the rise in iPhones and iPads. It is easy to check whether you have Flash simply by viewing your site on an iPhone or iPad – the Flash will simply not appear. iPhone and iPad do not run Flash – the only way to avoid the problem is to remove the Flash altogether.
  3. Content management – if you don’t have a content management system, you are missing out on flexibility and potential search engine benefits. As the owner of a small business you need to manage costs and have complete control. Being able to make urgent changes internally just makes sense. That is the power of a content management system. A content management system also enables you to make search engine optimisation (SEO) improvements yourself. With SEO prices rising dramatically as competition in Google hots up, this alone is a good reason to invest in a content management system.

Free Testing

There is no charge for basic testing to view your site in Internet Explorer 9 and on iPhone and iPad. We can also let you know whether your site is a content management system. If you need help auditing or testing your website for any of the above, please contact us.