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4 Reason To Update Your Website Now

Valid until August 31, 2020

A Modern Website is More Important Now Than Ever Before

A modern website shows you care about your business and your customers. With a covid message on your home page, there is no better way to let your customers know you are still in business.  So now is the time to put your best foot forward. and acquire new customers while your competitors hibernate.

Be Mobile Friendly and Link to Zoom

Older websites use old technology and back in the day mobile web usage just wasn’t “a thing”. With more than 50% of mobile searches happening on mobiles, can you afford to have a site that isn’t mobile friendly? We can also add Zoom capabilities for a small fee.

Get the Phone Ringing Even During This Crisis

Keep your business going through the coronavirus crisis by reminding your prospects that you are available to serve them now. A new website is the perfect reason to send them an email to remind them you are here for them. Out of date websites lose visitors quickly. (The dreaded bounce rate!) Don’t let this be you.

Make It Work For You While You Have Time

Chances are you have updated your iPhone 3, right? Just like phones, the web has moved on. If your website is older than 2 years, it is probably time for a refresh and now you have the time to do it! If your site is older than 4 years, it is unlikely to be working well with modern browsers and mobile phones.

What You’ll Get

  • Pivot One Page Website
    $999 +gst
    • Built super-fast
    • Content help
    • Simple but beautiful
    • Marketing help
    • Suits small businesses
    • Care/hosting plan $59/month*
  • Coronabuster Website
    $1499 +gst
    • 5 pages
    • Built super fast
    • Content help
    • Simple but beautiful
    • Marketing help
    • Suits small businesses
    • Care/hosting plan $59/month*
  • Covid19 Online Store
    $2099 +gst
    • Choice of beautiful theme
    • Built super fast
    • Ready for your products
    • PayPal payment gateway
    • Flat fee or table rate shipping
    • 2 pages for policies + contact
    • Marketing ideas
    • Suits small businesses
    • Care/hosting plan $59/month*

*Care plan includes hosting, VIP support, regular backups, site monitoring and system updates.  Offer for reduced care plan fee is valid for commitments of one year. Care plan will revert to the standard rate of $79/month after the first year.

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