I don’t blog… but should I?

Are you one of those people who say they don’t need a blog or don’t have time for one? Would you make time for a free tool that allowed you to communicate with all of your customers at once about a new product, event or helpful tips that lead to more sales for your business? Most business owners and managers would answer “yes” to both of these questions.Blogging

Why should I blog?

In a day and age where internet marketers are saying “Content is King”, can you afford to not blog? Here are 3 good reasons to put your fingers to the keyboard:

1. Communicate with your customers– we touched on this already and there is more below, but suffice to say, this is one of the best reasons to post to your blog.

2. Google likes new, relevant content – in some cases, blogging alone is enough to see your website hit the top of Google. Whilst this isn’t true in highly competitive sectors, it may help lift your search results and it certainly shouldn’t do any harm.

3. Set yourself up as an expert – you are probably already an expert in your field. The more you promote this fact by providing relevant content, the more prospects are likely to engage with you.

3 ways to use your blog/news page

Up your readership with the following tactics:
1. As part of your email newsletter – No one wants to read a 500 word article in an email. Post your longer articles to your blog. Put a teaser in your newsletter describing the article
2. Linked to your social media
3. As a promotions page

What can I put in my blog?

Events – Your product launches, participation in trade shows, home expos and your corporate sponsorship is of interest to your prospects and existing clients. Make sure it is on your website.

Example: “Find us on stand 999 at the Melbourne Home Show from September 9 -99. Stop by to say hi and pick up your free gift.”

Projects – If you are a service industry, brag about your best projects. Choose projects that really show off what you do and those that reflect the different areas of your business.

Example: “ACME Builders just finished this stunning two storey home in Carlingford. The challenge was to create a family home on a small block, incorporating multiple living spaces.”

Expertise – You are an expert in something. Whether it carpentry, fashion, natural therapies or any other business, that is your area of expertise. Put some ideas down on a page – expand them out into paragraphs and write an article to help your customers make use of your product.

Example: This article which provides ideas for existing clients who have a blog (a value add) whilst still informing our clients and prospects that don’t yet have one (a very soft-sell promotion).

News – be inspired by the news because it is timely and topical. Also look to industry specific changes to legislation and trends to come up with something that your clients and prospects will find of interest.

Example: Imagine the Australian Open (tennis) is on in extremely hot, dry weather. If you sell synthetic grass, real grass, shade sails, air-conditioners, fitness gear etc you could lead into a story about your product with a mention of the tennis.

How often should I write on my blog?

As often as you can and as regularly as you can. I am a strong believer in regular blogging but I am also aware that as a small business owner you may be doing everything from delivering the product or service to accounting and marketing. So do what you can – a little is better than none. Do try not to leave it for months on end though. The more regularly you write something, the more chance you will pick up followers.

If you are time-poor, add a short post (such as an event notice like above.) When you have time, write a few articles that are longer and post them each week or each month. If you are writing sporadically, make sure you lead your audience to the blog using a newsletter or social media.Blog writing service Gold Coast

Not much is free when it comes to marketing your business. At Blue Platypus we believe so strongly in the power of a “news” or “blog” page that we provide it to you for no additional cost when you have your website designed by us. If you already have a blog, think of it as a free communication channel to existing and prospective customers. Get blogging business people… your customers and your business will thank you for it.