Looking for a bespoke website design? A design that is 100% custom made to represent your brand can really make your website stand out. Blue Platypus offers bespoke website design and development to show off your brand in a way that is totally unique, aligns with your strategy and appeals to your target market.

What is bespoke website design?

What makes a website “bespoke”? A bespoke website is simply a custom website. In terms of the design, it is free of templates and stock graphical elements. The bespoke process relies on a graphic designer or UX designer to start a fresh design from scratch. A website might also be considered bespoke/custom if it is custom coded or heavily customised with unusual functions. Basically, large websites, large organisations, web-based applications or innovative business ideas need fuctions that are outside the “usual” which requires the skills of a developer.

At Blue Platypus we start by understanding your business objectives, your target market and your marketing goals. We do this through our information gathering tools and our kick off meeting where we discuss your industry and your clients, your needs and your design ideas. Together we consider the strategy behind your website and the specific goals it needs to achieve. Once armed with this information we commence the bespoke design process. This starts with a wireframe of the homepage, a planning document that identifies the key messages and calls to action and placement of these items on the homepage.

Once you are happy with that, you get to see your unique design prior to development. This controlled approach means you are in control at every step of the way, so there are no nasty surprises when your website is presented to you. We will have considered your needs and those of your customers with every design decision. This is what bespoke website design is all about. The result is a custom website that is 100% unique to your business… in a nutshell, a website that gets results.

Bespoke web applications

Design is only part of the equation when it comes to websites. Often you need custom coding or features that are just a little bit outside the box. Blue Platypus has the experience and expertise to create a bespoke web application. This might be a database backed bespoke application, mobile application or any other custom web system.

Add a bespoke web page or custom elements to your existing website

Perhaps you are looking to add bespoke web pages to an existing website. Even if you have an existing templated site we can still add the flair of a custom page or custom design elements throughout. We have a range of “revamp packages” that are perfect if you have a working website that just needs a design or content refresh. Your bespoke website pages are created specifically for your company by a senior graphic designer, free of templates and stock graphical elements. Bespoke website designs allow your company to stand out from your competitors. Adding a bespoke website page is also the perfect strategy to enhance conversion from your advertising campaigns.

Why bespoke design?

A custom design is a smart move if you want to stand out. Specifically, here’s why:

  • Bespoke designs are made just for your business – it won’t look like the rest of the industry or your competitors
  • You stand out – we are happy to try out new ideas and custom design allows this flexibility
  • Get exactly what you want – rather than choosing from a set template
  • Appeal to your ideal client or target market – a template is a one size fits all, but custom considers what will appeal to YOUR clients
  • Make your website do what you want it to – save time by allowing customers to self serve with custom functionality
  • You have invested in brand assets and photo shots that will be best highlighted with a custom design.

Is custom design afforable?

Blue Platypus is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, offering a remote service to clients all around Australia. Our face to face meetings are held as video calls and our Gold Coast customers are welcome to meet with us in person too.This keeps our prices affordable. We offer corporate-level design experience including a senior project manager / digital strategist, executive level operations manager and senior graphic designers for an affordable price. We have a number of packages to suit most budgets.

What are you waiting for?

Reach out. Contact us with any questions you may have or for a free bespoke website development quote.