Chrome has recently started flagging websites that do not run under SSL as not secure. So is your site impacted? Probably, but to be sure, answer these two questions, or call us to check it out for you:

  1. Does your website have a contact form or take payments? Or does it have any other form of text input in a form, search bar etc?
  2. Can you see HTTP:// in the white bar at the top of your browser window?

Wordpress Website Security Chrome Not Secure Image

If you answered YES to both of these questions, then you need to install an SSL certificate to avoid any Google warnings and/or risks.

If your website does not run under SSL, your website visitors will see the “Not Secure” warning when they visit your website.

Blue Platypus Digital can install SSL on your site. Call 0430 809 122 if you would like to know more.