Do you have a BCP / DR plan? Many small businesses until now didn’t have one.

Even now, as Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, many have thought about only the “obvious” considerations like working from home or speeding up their need for a website. As responsible business owners, we need to consider the risks to our own businesses but also the impact on our clients and staff.

The acronyms stand for Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan.  Whilst these are similar, there are slight variations. A BCP is arguably what you need right now as we are facing a slow and uncertain change in the business environment. This will equate to a revenue blow for many businesses. Businesses of all sizes are feeling the hit right now, from the clothing boutique owner that pays rent and staff every day just to watch foot traffic walk straight past on the way to the supermarket through to the national airline that has cut international flights by a whopping 90%, grounding 150 planes.

The following links may assist you in preparing these plans or at least provide some food for thought:

For small businesses, below are just some of the considerations:

  • Remote workforce – implement working from home for service oriented businesses.
  • E-commerce capability – urgent need for ability to take online orders for businesses that rely solely on bricks and mortar premises (retail, restaurants, cafes).
  • Internet connection – what happens when everyone is working from home at once?
  • Security – what IT security measures need to be in place for remote working?
  • Staff communication – set up online tools. Look for tools that you can set up instantly and for minimal cost.
  • Staff safety – review current procedures. Urgent training in new procedures.
  • Client communication – urgent email responses to the developing situation – Reassure. Add value. Where applicable, remind your customers of how your products or services can help as the Coronavirus situation develops.
  • Finance – minimise expenses. Consult with your accountant or finance provider. Bricks and mortar businesses should approach their landlord about rent relaxations in the event of forced closure.
  • Adapting – new products and services.
  • Pivoting – enter new industries fast by using existing skills and building a new website fast.
  • Fulfillment – manage supply chain issues and offer new ways of delivering your existing service.
  • Legal and HR – consult with your legal advisor and HR advisor.
  • Insurance – review policies to see whether you are covered for any losses.
  • Mental health – reading Covid-19 news can be a race to the bottom when it comes to pessimism. Time limiting your media consumption is one way to combat this.
  • Trusted advisors – lean on your business network right now. Many businesses genuinely want to assist, even at no cost.

The key is speed and planning right now. Many businesses need to adapt and fast.

Blue Platypus can assist. We are offering a free mini-consult to discuss any of the following:

  • Adapting and pivoting.
  • DIY ideas – no cost, low cost ideas to help with the above issues.
  • Urgent e-commerce needs including the option of existing portals to make sales online instantly.
  • Marketing ideas – from free to paid.
  • Fast and affordable new website ideas.
  • External point of view on any marketing or digital idea.

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