Free Shipping

Exactly as it sounds, no shipping fee is added to the order. This means the store owner covers the cost of delivery to the consumer. This is highly attractive as the customer doesn’t need to consider shipping costs when making a decision to buy. It can be particularly useful in B2C markets.

Flat Fee Shipping

A standard flat fee is added to the total order. Commonly this is $9 or $9.95, but it can be any amount you choose.  This means that the business may need to subsidise the delivery fees. You can use this model for any product and any courier company of course, but typically if you are just starting it is easy to base the flat fee on the price of pre-paid postal satchels through Australia Post. This allows you to cover the direct cost of shipping on most orders. Remember multiple product orders may need a larger satchel or box, so this may still mean you are out of pocket for some of the shipping cost – you need to factor this into your pricing.

Free local delivery

We can set your store to offer free local delivery. This means that no shipping fee is added to orders from specified post codes. Not that it is strictly based on post codes, not suburbs, areas, cities or regions. For example, 2000 rather than “Sydney”. All other orders would usually have a flat fee added.

Simple Table Rate

At Blue Platypus we can include a simple table rate calculation for you such as different tiers of delivery fees based on order size. This could be something like $9 delivery for orders up to $100, free delivery if over $100.

Custom Table Rates

Table rates can be as complex as you need. For example, a rate per product If you have an idea like this for shipping, please discuss with our team. Blue Platypus can provide a custom quote for this option.

Courier API

This option allows you to calculate based on exact pricing feeds from your courier. Not all couriers will offer this facility. Note this option is more costly and dependant on the specific courier.  Blue Platypus can provide a custom quote for this option.

This type of shipping generally also required you to have weights and measurements of your packed products. Often this is an important option for very large items or diverse ranges of products from the very small/light to bulky items. Use this option with caution as it is not ideal for consumers as they need to step through the shopping cart process to find out the shipping cost that will be specific to their order and their address.