When you are engaging a website design and development company, you are investing a lot of faith and money. So it is of vital importance that you take the time to brief them well. Good website design depends on it. At Blue Platypus we recommend a written website design brief, and can supply you with a simple template for a website design brief to help you.

Why a written web design brief?

The more information you provide your website design and development company, the more likely you will love the website that they come up with. When you physically write your website design brief, you will put more thought into it, and will be making it clear to the web designer what you want.

Plus a good brief can save you money in two ways. Firstly, a better brief means the web designer can be precise in their quotation. They won’t need to add “buffer” into the quote for any unknowns. Secondly, there is more chance that a well-briefed website will be more in-line with your expectations. If you are delighted with the new website, there is less chance that you will need to make changes. Excessive changes can blow out the cost of your web project.

Your website design brief should include more than just technical specifications. Make sure you include information about your marketing strategy, target market, the tone or feel you are after as well as functionality you want. Your web company can help explain the various technical elements so you can decide if you need them or not. You should also supply your corporate colours, logo, photos and ideas for content if possible. Don’t forget to let them know which existing websites you like or dislike too.

Here is a simple checklist of what to include in your website design brief:

  • Description of what you are trying to achieve with the website
  • Number of web pages
  • Target market
  • Description of the tone or feel you are after
  • Corporate colours
  • Any important instructions regarding your logo – if you have a style guide, let your website designers know
  • Photos – include in the brief a list of photos you own or what style of stock photos you want.
  • Websites you like or don’t like
    Ideas for content
  • Functionality and technical requirements
    If it is an e-commerce site, the number of products will you want set up
  • Deadline (E.g., Is it to be launched in time for an ad campaign etc?)
  • Budget

What are you waiting for?

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