How come I can’t find my site in Google?

Google is a commercial business whose success stems from their ability to provide relevant results to their customers.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is any search engine optimisation technique that tries to deceive or trick Google. It is generally considered to be the use of some or all of the following techniques:

Keyword stuffing – repeatedly using the same word to the point that the text becomes meaningless to human readers. This includes hiding keywords by making them the same colour as the background.

Link farming – this includes creating sites that have no purpose other than to link to each other.

Blue Platypus does not engage in black hat SEO techniques.

But I have heard that black hat SEO works?

Yes, black hat SEO can work in the short term, but if a site is found to be using these techniques, Google may “sandbox” the site by either removing it from the search results all together or by placing the site at the end of the Google results. Blue Platypus does not recommend black hat SEO as a long term technique.


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