Have you ever gone to call someone, looked up their last email message, only to see that their phone number isn’t at the bottom of the email? Imagine if that happened to your customers. They may not call you because it is just too hard to find your number again.

It isn’t a matter of typing your phone number at the bottom of every email. You can set up an “email signature” so that it automatically appears at the bottom of every email. It is so easy to do and once set up, you never need to type your phone number into an email ever again!

Where to find the signature set up options:

Outlook 2003 / 2007

Go to TOOLS / OPTIONS and then the MAIL FORMAT tab and you will see Signatures at the bottom of that tab.

If you get stuck, simply Google “set up email signature in Outlook 2007” (or whatever email program you are using. )

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