Writing for the web is different to writing for a brochure or other printed document. When you engage Blue Platypus for your web copywriting, you can expect professionally written copy that is a little different to copy for printed material.

Of course we encourage you to supply us with some basic information or existing printed material to use as a basis for your new web copy. But you can expect it to change substantially.

The top five points to consider when writing copy for the web versus copy written for printed material:

  1. Tone of web copy is different to print copy
  2. Style of web copy is different to print copy
  3. Web copy should be written for search engines
  4. Websites should include full contact details
  5. Call to action should be included on every page

Tone of web copy

Firstly, the tone of copy for the web is different. Web copy should be simple and understandable for a global audience. It might seem “dumbed-down”, but then think of how a person finds you on the web. Often by chance with no introduction from you. You are not there to explain your company or products or services. “Keep it simple” is the rule. In contrast your corporate brochure is usually handed over in a face-to-face meeting or enclosed with a friendly introductory letter.

“You” is a powerful word. People like to think your website is talking to them. We write web copy to the user of your website, in a conversational tone, not for corporate ego.

Writing style for the web

Secondly the style of web copy is different. Sentences are likely to be shorter. They should be just 15-20 words. Bullet points might be used to define lists. Headings might be added to “chunk” text. Simple techniques such as these make reading on a screen easier. Long sentences are best reserved for printed materials. This enables readers to scan the screen for important concepts. The important concepts you need to get across on your website are your key messages and calls to action.

Copywriting for web search engines – SEO Copywriting!

Thirdly, it might seem repetitious. There is good reason for some repetition in web copy. Search engines search on words, not pretty photos or flashy graphics. The more often your website mentions “keywords” the more likely your target market will find your website using a search engine. Keep in mind however that there is no way to trick search engines. It’s not about mindless repetition. Quality content is the key here, but you may find that we use some words multiple times. When you are writing for a brochure or newspaper, the exact opposite is true – a copywriter usually tries to eliminate using the same word over and over again to keep the copy flowing. On the web today, search engines are how most people find your website. SEO copywriting is essential on your website.

Contact details are crucial

Fourthly, we recommend that every website includes complete contact information including a phone number and an address. Some people prefer to pick up the phone rather than fill in a web form. You need to account for these personal preferences or risk losing leads. Contact details also add credibility and approachability. Think of your own frustration at companies online that seem to not want you to contact them. A simple phone number on your website can help avoid this negative feeling. Contact details in your website copy add to your credibility and approachability.

Call to action in your web copy

Finally, when you are briefing your website copywriter, consider what you are trying to achieve from the website. This is where the call to action comes in. What do you want your reader to do once they have looked at your site? Do you want them to call you, register for an email newsletter, buy something online? All of this should be explicitly spelt out in your website copy.

Blue Platypus Copywriting Services

If you have engaged Blue Platypus for your website design, we will give you assistance with your website copy including suggestions to improve the copy for SEO purposes. We will add keywords throughout your website copy.

However, we also offer a standalone web copywriting service, even if you are using another website designer. You will find our web copywriting rates extremely reasonable. All copy is written by a degree-qualified, native Australian-English speaker, so you know it will make perfect sense!

What are you waiting for?

We are here to help. Contact us with any questions you may have or for a free quote for your website copywriting project.